About Us

Looking for a companion who is solely devoted to NATA/JEE B.Arch.?
Then you aren't wrong. Here we are, THiNC.

THiNC is one of the fastest growing coaching centre that provides its undivided attention on NATA/JEE Arch. entrance which entitles admission to 5yr B. Arch Degree programme in various renowned colleges in India. Our goal is not to become the market leader in the industry but equip you to kick start your architecture career in the perfect way. We have a team of outstanding and dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure and proven approach that provides extensive and systematic guidance to students who aspire for nothing but the best. This is not mere words, this is our history.

We are thinc.
we are your future . We will make you thinc
Just with a difference

NATA Coaching in kochi
Our mission

First and foremost, just help you.
Getting a 100% pass results as we have done before.
Attain each of the first 100 ranks of Kerala B.Arch. entrance
Create a new benchmark in NATA scores.
To help you evolve the sketching skills.
Providing a platform for your aesthetics and innovation.
To expel your fears of the exam.
To provide you further insight on NATA/JEE B. Arch entrance and related queries.

Our vision

" If you know what you want ,
  If you are ready to work with all your heart,
  Then we will make sure you don’t fall behind "

NATA Coaching in Cochin


Our main Courses

Crash Courses

For XII Students

1 year weekend course

For XII Pursuing Students

Repeaters course


Course Schedule


    • NATA&JEE Arch Repeaters
    • NATA&JEE Crash(X'mas vacation)
    • NID&UCEED crash
    • NATA&JEE crash
    • AAT
  • DATE

    • January 3rd 2018
    • 27 December 2017
    • 23 December 2017
    • 25 MARCH 2018
    • 23 MAY 2018
  • TIME

    • 10am – 4pm (Mon-Sat)
    • Dec 27 to 31 + 20 days
    • 7 Days (10am – 4pm)
    • 20 Days (10am – 4pm)
    • 10 Days (10am – 4pm)

    Class room coaching Daily evaluation test Online mock test worth Rs.5000 Study material

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